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Little Help From Your Friends

At Panda Fidgets, we make it our priority to help when and where we can. We engage in many different types of philanthropic events to help promote the welfare of others and to spread joy to all different communities.


Panda Fidgets is a Platinum Sponsor for the Franklin Food Pantry's 2021 Franklin Turkey Trot. The Franklin Food Pantry (FFP), is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is "to alleviate food insecurity and compassionately empower our community through resources and collaboration". In fiscal year 2021, the FFP served 625 adults, 295 children and 177 seniors!

Halloween Bag_edited.jpg

Halloween Giveaway

On Halloween, the Panda Fidgets team, made up of their founders, employees, children and friends, hit the streets of various Massachusetts towns with over 300 Halloween 'Boo' Bags. These 'Boo' Bags contained a Jack The Jack O Lantern pop it fidget, candies, stickers and a fun Halloween word search puzzle. They were handed out to parents and children to bring a little more Halloween spirit and fun to one of our favorite holidays

Halloween Bag_edited.jpg
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